What Makes Lattner The Best VGTs In The Game?

Lattner Entertainment has decades of experience in legal bar & tavern gaming and has operated gaming routes in every legal jurisdiction in Illinois.

You Will Always Deal Directly With Your Account Manager

With Lattner, every location works on-on-one with one of our Account Managers to help guide them through the ins and outs of live video gaming. Unlike some other VGT operators, your Lattner Account Manager will be with you every step of the way… Licensing, setting up your gaming area, reviewing reports, and discussing trends in the market even AFTER your machines are live and running. They will regularly meet with you to plan out ways to continue to optimize your location’s revenue. Our Account Managers are not salespeople. They are long term, knowledgeable professionals who are truly invested in making the most of our partnership.

Experience, Experience and Experience

Lattner Entertainment's Team has decades of combined experience in legal bar & tavern gaming. Our Team has operated gaming routes and participated in "rollouts" in every jurisdiction in the country. This allows us to make the right equipment decisions to ensure maximum profits. We help in the layout and design of your gaming area allowing you to create the optimal environment to increase traffic and profits. We will teach you tested and proven techniques to attract new players and maximize revenues. Our Service Team is second to none. We understand that a machine out of service does not generate revenue.

Financial Strength

We have the financial strength to install quickly and get you live! Buying and operating video gaming equipment requires significant capital. We are financially strong. This means we buy industry leading equipment, provide the best service, and provide the support you need to be successful.


Cash Flow is important – we pay our locations weekly via electronic funds transfer. That's right, weekly electronic payments! No need to wait on the mail or worry about when/if you are getting your share of the revenue.

Coverage Area

Our operations are statewide.

It’s all about relationships & service.